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Program at a glance

Title 2019 UCLG Global Youth Culture Forum(GYCF)
Period 19 October – 26 October 2019
Venue Jeju Island
Theme Having Fun: Popular Culture, Identity and Representation. Transdisciplinary Knowledge to Invent New Imaginaries Together
Attendance 100 persons (tentative)

The Global Youth Culture Forum is a perfect example of the conversation between a global organization, the UCLG-United Cities Local Governments, and local administrations: the Municipality of Jeju and the government of the Self Governing Province of Jeju. After the success of the Second UCLG Culture Summit held in Jeju in 2017, three key elements were identified to drive the debate on development and future in Jeju Island: Culture, Public Space and Youth. Jeju hold the 1st GYCF in 2018 at the selected two places the Jeju neighborhoods of Namsung and the Old Downtown. The mission of the GYCF is to broaden the discussion and root in the field. 55 participants from 22 countries joined and worked together.

The 2nd GYCF in 2019 has two tracks which are an implementing group and idea developing group. The implementing consists of 2 local artists and 3 international artists from the 1st GYCF. They will implement the idea they developed during the 1st GYCF led by Alfonso Borragán (Spanish based in the U.K.) and Kim Kidai (South Korean based in Jeju) like last year.

For the idea developing group,the general curator, Rosa Pera who is invited by UCLG to develop a curatorial proposal invitedone international artist, Antoni Hervas who will join a local artist Eunhae Jung invited by the local institutions involved. This group consist of 10 international artists selected by the UCLG, 5 international artists recommended by the UCLG ASPAC and 10 local artists and youth. Taking the curatorial proposal by general curator Rosa Pera as starting point, two different programs have been designed by mentors leading the 2nd GYCF.

*JITC : Jeju International Training Center, UNITAR CIFAL Jeju
*JURC : Jeju Urban Regeneration Center
- Unique local contents’ promotion world widely
- Youth artists’ Economic Independence with local arts job creation
- Globally and Locally Culture and Arts’ Contents developed
- Cultural Policies developed with Residents, Experts and Culture 21 Actions
The Ideas
- Collaboration between Youths’ Ideas and local Culture & Arts
- Youth Artists Participation with their creative activities’ cost
- Meeting point among Youth Artists to share their experiences and collaboration art works
- Implement of the arts projects of 2018’s result
- Economic community among local people and young artists in