UCLG Global Youth Culture Forum – Jeju 2019
The Global Youth Culture Forum is a perfect example of the conversation between a global organization, the UCLG-United Cities Local Governments, and local administrations: the Municipality of Jeju and the government of the Self Governing Province of Jeju. After the success of the Second UCLG Culture Summit held in Jeju in 2017, three key elements were identified to drive the debate on development and future in Jeju Island: Culture, Public Space and Youth, while local institutions  selected two places like specific contexts of which to work during the GYCF: the Jeju neighborhoods of Namsung and the Old Downtown.
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  • Rosa Pera
Rosa Pera has a long career as curator and critic. Lately, she has curated several exhibitions on contemporary art and design. She has been also involved in different projects focused on intervention in public space, usually involving the participation of people in several contexts and taking in account specific situations.
  • Antoni Hervas
  • Eunhae Jung
  • Alfonso Borragán
  • Kidai Kim