Yangkura b1981 jejudo South Korea
He was born in Top dong, Jeju and carries out his activities in Seoul, South Korea. He has been inventing works that reflect the contemporary world by reinterpreting discarded objects or images and space that do not receive attention in daily life. Through such process of reinterpretation, YangKura was quite naturally drawn to ecology and environment.

He presents environmental issues and also seeks for solutions to address them. In solving the environmental problems, he believes cooperation between various environmental organizations, science and technology, and artists are important. He actively brings overlapping areas of environment and art into his artworks and is showing them in various countries such as Germany, Cambodia and Japan in many different ways.

He holds an MFA from Chung-Ang Univ South Korea and teaching in Chung-Ang Univ.

He started to work on marine environment in the 'WHO' project (2008). Camphong trachi elementary school project in Cambodia. (2012). selected in the Gyeonggi Creation Center Residency Program and researched on the environment and culture western coastal islands In Korea (2013~2017). He participated in the 'Golden Mountain' project In Korea (2015). He engaged in the children's art education program in the 'Jaffari' IAa Jeju which is the first pilot project below the cultural space (2016). He was selected as the best young artist of the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation (2017). He participated in the 'solar art panel' project, which is part of the 'Little sun' project of 'Olaful Eliasson', a collaborative arts and science project since 2017. He presented ocean environmental issue exhibition and performance in Tsushima Island Japan & Korea (2017). He is going to participate ‘Zayed of the year 2018’ & ‘MAS 2019’ in Abu Dhabi. He is planning the International Ocean Art Conference in Northeast Asia in 2019.