Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Eun Joo Chae

Cultural Policy Division

Eunjoo CHAE. International Culture and Arts Expert in Jeju.

Born in Jeju, Republic of Korea. She has Master’s Degree on International Business, Macquarie University, Australia. She has worked as a Public officer since 1997 and had experiences on Biosphere Reserve in UNESCO, Indonesia for, managed Foreign Investment for 2 years and culture and arts policy and support for more than 5 years. Also she started to work with UCLG for 2nd UCLG World Congress in Jeju 2007.

On the Culture and arts, she focused on Exhibition, photography and contemporary arts as subsided to artists who started their own art works and to underprivileged to access culture events such as arts school for children, concerts, musicals, movies and so on. Sometimes somebody who could not support their own arts and cultural activities were supported by art experts with arts classes.

Due to this experience, Jeju joined in the Committee on culture of UCLG as a pilot city in 2014 and a leading city in 2016. Jeju is vice-chaired by other 6 cities. 2nd UCLG Culture Summit was hosted by Jeju and organized by her with more than 1,000 people. She is focus on ‘Culture $ Arts’, ‘Youth” and ‘Economic’ for establishing new policies with International Organizations such as UCLG and UNITAR, Central governments in Korea, China and Japan and Global experts.