Minkyeong Heo


I was born in Jeju. Studying design and contemporary art, I am interested in various fields. When I like something, I will see a high degree of immersion and take the smart phone all day long to get the information. It is a typical Millennial Generation with a high utilization rate of information communication technology. I am the manager of SNS in global culture media and . While surfing the Internet, I enjoy predicting what contents will capture people's mind. Simply put, I am good at the treasure hunt in the flood of information. Hide-and-seek is the first word that comes to my mind when I describe art. Art is hiding. Because it is important, we have to find it. If we find this treasure and unveil well, how is it glossy? So I always set up my antenna to discover the art in our daily life. And most my art work strives for the movements of social change. I am wondering how art can make changes in real life and society.