Yujin Song
Western painting


Yujin Song is an artist who draws ‘Dynamics of time and places’. Currently, she is also working as an English translator in SEAWEED Journal, and 2018 Jeju Culture Reporter. Since 2016 she shows her strong interest in space. She thinks space is created by the dynamic relationship between time and place. She observed space which had a typical mood created by light and its function. After observation, she crops and recreates the spaces based on her experience and feeling. She had her first solo exhibition at AC Art Gallery, NJ, the USA on 2016. On 2018 she enrolled 2nd Eland Jeju Kensington residency program. And planning to have the next solo exhibition on 2019 Jan to Feb. She thinks her painting shares a similar function of SNS where people communicate by showing their cropped life. She likes to meet and talk with various people and share ideas. After she graduated this spring, she is seriously looking for ways to sustain and develop her artist life.