Soumyadeep Roy
Artist, Storyteller


I completed my graduation in literature and completed my Master’s degree in film. The presentation of an artwork—verbally, orally, with the help of text, context, narrative, music, or otherwise, interests me. It interests me as much as the artwork itself. Contextualizing a piece of art and the interpretation/misinterpretation by the artist herself/himself is, to me, sometimes the most important aspect of the viewing/reviewing of a piece of art. Personally, in my own artwork, I try to incorporate the same, disturbing/helping an artwork while presenting it. The preceding aspects of the art-making process are to me, of equal importance, and I believe it accentuates the understanding of an artwork in a more intimate way, since one engages with it more personally. The research that goes into the making of an artwork and its eventual exhibition interests me very much. Even though I’m a visual artist, having been formally trained in the other spheres—of literature, film, and music—it has only helped me understand my art and its mediums better.