Kwai Han Lee


An avid apprentice in arts practice for social change based in Penang, Malaysia

I was formally trained in the field of science but always believe education hold the key towards a better society. After 2 years working in a corporate, I started to get involved in arts and culture education by taking up the role as a project officer with Arts-ED, a community-based arts and culture education NGO in Penang. I was much inspired by the arts practitioners, educators and cultural workers I worked with, who showed me the soft power of arts.

I am learning to program arts element into social and human rights program with other NGOs for better public engagement. I also take up informal arts training by joining an upcycling shadow puppetry group. It gives me much insight into arts-making process and opportunity to practice waste arts which is crucial for me to further my course towards arts and culture education.

In this Forum, I foresee arts would take up its crucial role in engaging community in urban revitalisation dialogues, respecting the community's unique culture and rights to participate in the society. I am very much looking forward to a well-engaged urban revitalisation process in Jeju.