Flavia Rossi
Visual Artist and Architect


I graduated as an architect but I currently work as a visual artist.

I mainly use photography as an expressive medium, because I believe that photography is one of the most efficaceous ways of interpreting the meaning of reality.

My art takes inspiration from many artistic disciplines: literature, painting, music and architecture.
My final thesis in architecture was about the aesthetic of the landscape, since than I focused my cultural interest on the territory and environment, analyzing the role of the human being as an inhabitant; in that sense I quote the italian architect Aldo Rossi who states: “what results from the relationships between things, rather than things themselves, puts a new light on the meaning of things”.
I’m also interested in the topics that deal with memory, emotional geography and maps of the imagination. I’m convinced that emotion is not simply a feeling, but a psychological “engine”. Emotion moves along with you on the journey of life.