Maria Fernanda Jaraba Molt


I studied Latin American Studies and am currently finishing a Master’s in Urban Studies. As a second-generation Chilean born in Germany,, I was always interested in the diversity of persons and places that exist and moved from different cities in Germany to Santiago, Chile and finally to Malmö, Sweden. Being a bit “all over the place”with my interests and exploring the tensions and connections between academia and urban cultural practice, I am looking forward to go deep into the historical and social factors that turned Jeju into what it is today. I love to investigate and analyze places in order to locate their potential and their awkward “in-betweens”. Some of the questions I am asking myself at the moment are: how can we create counterparts to pressures of consumption, aestheticization and performance in urban space? How can we create places that inspire and relax without gentrifying? I am trying to get closer to an answer with our current project “Caroli Park”, a three-weeks long test of the concept of the indoor park in a desacralized church in Malmö. I am looking forward to open my eyes to thinking even more out of the box and becoming creative with possible solutions to heal our urban minds.