Ayoung Ko
Korean literature


This is a time of expansion and prosperity. I’m a student that major korean literature
I, what, children, education, change, international, world, Jeju, exchanges, etc. These words are related to Korean literature. I like to relate my specialty with something that have nothing to do with my major and try to come up with them a little more original.
I know the fastest way, but I'm not going that way. This is not the time. So I have made my own way and I am going that way.
I work Special Education Student Aid activity, I taught math and economics to children for a year and now I teach economy and Korean. In addition, I handle currently role that thinking for the development of the school's system.
I am in Jeju, but I want to meet foreign countries. So I organized a Jeju-Finland Children's Workshop and a concert with my team. I dreamed of going to Finland and realized that dream. First, I dream. Then, I realize that dream. I like to challenge the concept of limits.
Don't ask me to relation that what I'm doing right now. I'm working on it.