Eu Sun Pak
Social design, Ceramic design, Visual arts


I’m a visual designer and ceramist based in Korea, Republic of.
After obtaining master’s degree in ceramic design at The Graduate School of Art and Design SangMyung University in Korea, I wanted to study other design disciplines. Especially, I was interested in collaborative design work to contribute to our society, so that I studied social design at Iceland University of the Arts. While studying social design I began design team projects related to social issues and problems.
Also, I’ve been trying to find a way to make a positive impact on society as a creator, even if it’s a very small action. It is always my pleasure to finding solutions with other people and I enjoy the process as well. Currently I’m expending my creative approach to reflecting public issues or my personal stories, and working with various kinds of creative works between art and design such as, ceramics, graphic design, photography, and branding etc.