Viviane Vix
History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy and Astrophics


Born in Paris and raised in Hong Kong, Viviane now lives and works in London. She attended University College London, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences with First Class Honours. With an avid curiosity for both the material and metaphysical realms, she pursued a liberal arts degree, specialising in the history and philosophy of science, philosophy and astrophysics: an education propelling her on the quest to better understanding the world we live in and the human experience of it. With an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach, she aspires to the ideal of the polymath in order to cultivate our collective knowledge and preserve our cultural consciousness.

Her ambitions have led her to seek intellectual and professional development in various domains, with the goal of becoming a well-rounded curator and mediator of knowledge. She has worked with the likes of the French cultural institution La Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais, the innovative spacecraft company Blue Skies Space, Kaymet London, a manufacturer of anodised aluminium goods, and is currently the research assistant of multidisciplinary artist alfonso borragán.