Ojudun Taiwo Jacob


Ojudun Taiwo Jacob
Is a multimedia performance artist from Lagos, Nigeria. He lives and works as a performer, chorographer and curator in the Bariga district on the mainland of Lagos. In 2015, he co-founded Illuminatetheatre Productions, whose artistic director he has been since. He received his choreographic and artistic / conceptual training through his many years of collaboration in the Crown Troupe of Africa in Bariga Lagos.
Taiwo’s works are primarily premiered in open spaces where the public have free access to it.
Tapping into his root, he admires the relationship between the blend of the old tradition and the development of the contemporary. The blend of both cultures balances who he is and what he became. Taiwo comes from a culture where masquerades were the only form of resistance from government policies. Masquerades were the only ones who could walk up to a ruling monarch (King) and tell him that his ways of ruling were bad or that the people are bitter. Picking from this rich cultural background it makes it easy for him to blend his performances into different kinds of public spaces and materials.
His works are basically focused on essentialism and existentialism. He believes that performance art evolves as a response to daily life encounters. He is also curious about how people connect and find reflections of themselves when they come in contact with his works. Basically, he responds to the structural and functional disabilities which generate from socio political and economic issues nationally and globally.