Rosita Bannert
Scientist, Artist


Rosita Bannert, London

I would summarize myself as an art-scientist who experiments to understand the world. As an artist, I have always had a special interest in the relationship between the arts and sciences. Recently, this has meant studying and working in material science, knowledge of which has continually informed my art.

A year studying an art foundation pushed me to explore various artistic media. The final project involved communicating the law of entropy to the viewer, in attempt to use art as a means of sharing and explaining science.

I then studied a highly interdisciplinary degree at UCL, where I majored in chemistry and minored in art. In my third year I studied in Shanghai, where I learnt Mandarin and took classes in calligraphy and Chinese painting methods.

I became very interested in material science and the properties of materials. After graduating I took a job at a material science software company and contributed to the graphic design of educational scientific concepts. I also began working as a freelance artist.

I aim to continue the exploration of science and art and how to combine these traditionally separate spheres. Over the years I have used sculpture, drawing and photography alongside scientific methodologies in my work.