Nina Gschlößl
Documentary, Photographer, Filmmaker


I am a Cologne-based visual artist, primarily working in the area of documentary photography and filmmaking.
Recently I finished my MA in Photography Studies and Practice at Folkwang University of Arts in Essen.
My projects focus on social and political aspects, especially on the impact of globalization and social developments on my generation.
Within this context, the role of architecture is of mayor interest to me: Urban development, city planning and its impact on inhabitants are one key topic in my work, next to portraits.

Having worked on several photography-books during my studies, I’m lately increasingly concentrating on the usage of moving images and am now working between photography, film and video.
Interdisciplinary work with other artists and researchers is very important to me. Two of my latest films for example have emerged in cooperation with theater directors, filmmakers and other artists.

Some of my work can be seen here: