Linda Weiß
Artist, Installation


Living in a so called arrival city in the middle of Germany, Linda Weiß is affected by mass material clashes in our daily life. With »strictly rational gut feelings« each lonesome divining rode and clothes horse, will be rescued in her installations. In nets of small figures, objects and imaginary living structures, you are invited to fall through the hole, to listen to the stories of the silent voices and solve the riddle of the visual narratives. Or with the words of Ursula Le Guins* »This is a fairy tale. […] This is history. […] This is a stone. […] There‘s been dog shit on it, there‘s been blood, both soon washed away by water sloshed from buckets or run from hoses or dropped from the clouds.«.

* Ursula K. Le Guin, »Unlocking the Air«, in: The unreal and the real. Volume 1 Where on Earth, Great Britain 2014, p. 59.