Katie Rawlins
Visual Artist, Photography and Sound, Installations


I am a student of interdisciplinarity studying at UCL on the course Art and Science BASc which allows me to develop a bespoke and personal degree incorporative wide interests.
Currently based in Bogotá, Colombia on an exchange year where my focus will be on psychology, Colombian social and political history and art.
My education, work experience and pastimes speak to an almost incompatible range of interests but are held together by a central tenant of curiosity and a desire to investigate and create in all areas.
I took the course Art and Interdisciplinarity (Alfonso Borragan, UCL, 2018) and have a strong interest in working with sound as a medium especially in relation to the psychological effect of sound.
My work is strongly influenced by my studies in psychology and neuroscience where I am interested in how we relate to each other and our environment from the signals we receive visually and audially from the surroundings.