Dickson Adu-Agyei


I am Ghanaian studying for my masters in Architecture at the graduate school of Architecture (University of Johannesburg. South Africa) and the founder of Adu-Agyei Architecture Studio, a visualization and freelance architectural service company. Trained as a draughtsman with over 10 years’ experience in the architectural industry, I am passionate about design and architecture.

I am a student, a team player and a design-oriented person who believes that art and design can be used as a tool to influence the world we live. I have developed a passion for photography, and this has given me a different perspective about life and how to perceive things that I see and the stories behind them. I use photography as a tool in architecture design and also as a medium to tell stories.

I believe that photography can be used as a method of advocacy and a social tool for those who have no voice. I have a strong believe in hard work, excellence, collaboration and always looking for opportunity to serve, share and tell stories. A long side me believe in hard work, I also believe that work should be enjoyed and one should have fun whiles working.