Gil Ju Park
Western painting


I graduated from Dept. of Fine Arts, College of Art Design, Jeju National University(major in Western painting)and the same graduate school and held four private exhibitions in Jeju, Deagu, and Italia starting from 2016. I participated in more than 50 group exhibitions including E-LAND Aeweol International Cultural Complex Residency, Jeju-Seoul Project Tamra Scape Exhibition, Korea-China Young Artists Exhibition, New Drawing Project, Jeju-Rabnitz Contemporary Art Exhibition. Currently, I am working as a full-time worker.

Nature is a gift to us. We always with nature but we take it for granted, and often treat it thoughtlessly. Nature and human beings complement each other and thus, coexists together. In the 21st century, the man-made creations from the industrialization made our life so convenient. But it also made us live lonely. I want to console the weary mind and body of our contemporaries. I want to give healing to the minds of people to a degree that our human beings can enjoy and coexist with the lavish nature. I also want to feel our own recovery in nature.