Ezana Mussie


I grew up in the outskirts of a small town in southern Sweden, in a blend of Eritrean, Swedish and Hip hop culture. I have a background in music production/DJing, sociology, history of ideas, and urban studies. As of lately, my interest and focus has been directed to challenge spatial, and in turn the political, cultural and social imaginaries that overlook urban cultures and make it harder for their creativity to take place. This is as theoretical as it is practical. Sometimes it means a block party. Other times it is about challenging our expectations of what certain space means and what functions it holds on a societal scale, like with our current project Caroli Park - an indoor park in a desacralized church in central Malmö, Sweden. What values are given space? What do their genealogies look like? How can we learn from that in order to transcend into more equal, equitable, sustainable and inspiring urban life?